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2007 3rd annual Invitational at the St. George's Golf and Country Club

The clinic was conducted by Mr. Calvin Peete and Mr. Dan Halldorson along with 10 top Canadian Touring Pros during the 3rd Annual Invitational held at
the St. George's Golf and Country Club.

Calvin Peete
Mr. Calvin Peete
Dan Halldorson
Mr. Dan Halldorson

Mr. Calvin Peete also known as Mr. Accuracy turned Pro in 1975 and won his First tournament in 1979 Greater Milwaukee Open. He won 11 more times on the tour during a 5-year span. His most prestigious victory came at the consecutive years 1981-1990.

Mr. Peete, only the second African American to play on the US Ryder Cup team at the time, played in both the 1983 and 1985 matches.

Ponte Vedra Beach Florida, is home to Mr. Peete and his family.

A touring professional for more than three decades, Mr. Halldorson is one of the most accomplished golfers to ever come out of Canada. Elected into the Canadian Gold Hall of Fame in 2002, Mr. Halldorson won twice on the Classic and 1980 Pensacola Open.

Mr. Halldorson has also won seven times on the Canadian Tour, including the 1986 Canadian PGA championship. Mr. Halldorson also helped Canada to a pair of World Cup championships teaming with Jim Nelford in 1980 and Dave Barr in 1985. A native of Brandon, Manitoba, Mr. Halldorson now resides in Illinois.