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About NJGA

The National Junior Golf Academy (NJGA) was founded in the Fall of 1999. It is a registered non-profit volunteer driven program, designed to break down economic barriers and to use the rules governing the game of golf to teach youth life-skills.

NJGA has been a successful community investment in pro-active subsidized recreation providing these youth with the opportunity to develop social, economic and life-skills. The present strategic focus is the establishment of a self-sustaining and province wide organization that relies on collaborated partnerships with like-minded businesses and organization in local communities.

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NJGA plays a very important role in shaping the lives of many young residents of Toronto's most needy communities. It provides early identification of youth problems by reaching at-risk youth in a strategic manner, nurturing young dreams to become future leaders and role models. To date, we have positively impacted the lives of over 250 young adults.

Our greatest achievement has been to develop a vibrant and vital organization with a genuine community focus in a short period of time. Our next most signal success has been attracting broadly based support in the form of in-kind donations from major golf related businesses. Last, but not least, we have been successful in linking to much higher profile U.S. organizations, thereby attracting a degree of positive publicity disproportionate to our existing size and resources.

The primary challenge that we will face in the future relates to building on our successful sponsorships to engage in flexible fund-raising that can be used to establish an organizational infrastructure. The essential key to our future success will be in establishing a central office and securing the servicing of a Director/Fundraiser who can translate potential support in economic sustainability.

Our Mission

The National Junior Golf Academy is designed: To create avenues by which the children/youth from economically challenged communities of Toronto will have the opportunity to remove themselves from negative environments and allow them access to alternative programming.