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Parents Voices

"We have seen a significant change in Jordan's sense of self-discipline, confidence, and commitment, as well as an improvement in his academic performance. The unique experiences that the Academy offers its students are very rewarding, and opens them up to a whole new world of growth and opportunity. Please continue the outstanding work you do with our children!" — Jack Nigro (Jordan’s dad)

Thank you so much for giving Davidson a good opportunity to go to the golf clinic this Monday. Davidson enjoyed the trip very much. He has learned a lot both in Golf and his future life from this event. He has been inspired greatly by the Dr. Wiren and other professionals. He said he will never give up practicing golf in his life. Also he will put more effort on his study too, It doesn't matter how hard it is and he will never give up.   We really appreciate everything you have done for all the kids including Davidson. As parents, we feel very lucky to be able to join your program. Thank you so much.   — Rachel (Davidson's mom)

Wow, where do I begin, ever since my son Kaelyndo has been a part of the NJGA program, he has become a more focused and determined individual. He has started to set some long term goals for himself, which I donít think would be possible at this stage if it wasnít for Kingsley and his program. Kaelyndo has always been the type of person, to be helpful and courteous and while joining the program Iíve seen him come home glowing about how Kingsley allowed him to help out during the program. Iíve also on a weekly basis hear him speak about what heís learned and where he wants this to go. — Diamond Bennett

Nicholas always looks forward to Wednesday evenings. He is promptly ready for me to take him to Driftwood. He has appreciated this ìfree-styleî learning environment and totally feels comfortable making mistakes and learning from them. My son Nicholas is a very bashful, reserved boy whom doesnít engage in leadership roles too often. But, since his attendance, I have noticed that he has broken out of this barrier and has demonstrated more confidence. — Mrs. Ruffolo

The impact that the golf sessions has had on son is very positive. He has enjoyed learning a new sport, new skills and meeting new friends.He has learned to play a sport that has single independent players, and yet also participate as a team player. It has given him confidence when he is to perform during the competitions. The competitions also require him to learn to sit patiently. He is learning that golf is a sport of etiquette and respect.

As a parent, I admire that golf is a calming sport as compared to when he plays soccer or basketball. There are no rambunctious aguments, pushing or shoving. Overall, golf has had a positive impact on my child. —Mary Lee

The program is helping Ryan by showing him that he has to be disciplined and can achieve something by focusing on it. He has improved in listening to instructions and in paying attention for a more extended period of time. These are areas where he has problems at school as well, and we see the improvement, although it is slow with him. Thank you for the opportunity given to them to participate in this program. —Radha and Merv

Since my kids (Stephen &Vincent) join the program with you, they have significantly improved their golf skills, such as the balance, posture and swing. We are thankfully to have opportunities to join this program. We never thought that the program would have so much to offer. This means a lot for a family like us. Golf becomes affordable and easier accessible because of the program. The kids love to join this program, and they love to play golf. Stephen really wants to be a professional player in the future, and he is trying to do asbest as he can. That's why he always swing very hard, he is getting better now. We all appreciate you and who help the kids within the program. Thank you so much. —Candy