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Scholarship Recipients

NJGA Scholarship 2009 Capital One - National Junior Golf Academy Scholarship Awardees

Scholarship Awardees

Students being introduced by Claire Tucker-Reid, emcee at the reception of the 5th Annual Invitational, held at Scarboro G&CC August 31, 2009. Scholarship recipients from left to right: Danusha Jebanesan, Semini Pathbariya, Yanick Allwood.

Students Voices
Danusha Jebanesan

Danusha Jebanesan

Graduated from University of Toronto (Neuroscience & Biology) will be attending the College of Medicine at the University of Ottawa in Sept/14.

I am very fortunate to have received the opportunity to attend a University of my choosing to explore the field of neuroscience of which I am truly passionate and curious about. However this academic endeavour is no easy feat as many other students would also attest to. But upon receiving the Capital One National Junior Golf Academy Scholarship I feel as though a great burden is lifted off mine and my parents' shoulders.

Having not to worry about my tuition cost, I feel as though I can now explore, research, and figure about more about myself by dedicating more of my time to extra-curricular activities, volunteer initiatives around the community, and especially getting involved in research specifically within the field of neuroscience. By diverting time away from working long hours trying to pay my tuition, I'm learning more and more about myself by getting involved in my community.

But this award goes beyond just helping me; it reaches out to my family who are now able to focus on my two younger siblings and my grandparents all of whom they are required to support. But it isn't only the monetary value of the award that is so rewarding, it is the support and motivation that NJGA provides that drives me to continue to excel and pursue all my goals.

I am so glad NJGA and Capital One value education as much as I do, because without great community support from organizations like these many students such as me would be in a more stressful situation with very limited options.

Thank you for helping me realizes my dreams, goals, and ambitions for the future!

Derek Ang

Semini Pathbariya

Graduated from the University of Waterloo (Environment & Resource studies), presently interning at Environment Canada.

When I first came to Canada as a grade 11 student, I was worried about how to get into university. I was very concerned about the financial aspect. As new immigrants, due to the lack of Canadian experience, my parents were forced to do volunteer work for many months before finding jobs. However, doing volunteer work was not enough to pay the rent and other accommodations. My parents started using up their savings. In such a situation, I did not expect my parents to shoulder the burden of paying my university tuition.

When I received the letter from the National Junior Golf Academy congratulating me for winning the scholarship, we were overjoyed. I finally felt as if my dreams are coming true.

To the day, I am grateful that the Capital One National Junior Golf Academy granted me with this scholarship. Without the scholarship, I would have had a harder time trying to figure out how to manage the financial situation. Because of the scholarship, I am now capable of continuing my higher education and following my dreams.

Yanick Allwood

Yanick Allwood

Graduated from Western University (Actuarial Science & Music), presently touring Canada & USA writing and performing music, will be pursuing his Master's degree in a year's time.

I am so grateful for the opportunities afforded to me through the National Junior Golf Academy

As a young adult I had many dreams; it was my wish to pursue degrees in both Actuarial Sciences and Music Performance. However as I drew closer to the end of my high school term, I realized that these dreams were out of my financial reach and I would have to settle for a lot less. Tuition cost and the cost of living were too much for my family or me to afford. Because of these things alone, I thought the dream was lost. For any child to have to give up his or her dreams because of financial need is a very sad reality of our time. However, The National Junior Golf Academy stepped in and allowed me not only to realize my dreams, but to pursue them with a new and invigorated spirit. The assistance that they provided me allows me to focus on my education without the stress of financial insecurities.

Beyond that, the scholarship has also encouraged my younger brother to pursue a higher education and attend a university. It has given my family enough time to provide a little more for him than they could afford to provide for me. It has also eased my family's financial burden and afforded them peace of mind to know that their son is allowed to go to a university and become a more successful individual. But above all, this scholarship has become a beacon of hope for our family. It has given us the hope and confidence that we could not only succeed on the path to enlightenment, but that we would also have kind and amazing people to help us along the way.

This scholarship has truly been a blessing, and I cannot thank the National Junior Golf Academy enough for the opportunities they have provided me or for the positive effect that they have had on our family.